About Bader Models

Small can be beautiful. Small can bring huge success. Bader Yousif Murad, a Bahraini entrepreneur, knows it all.

His brainchild Bader Models is in many ways a model for businesses in Bahrain. The global success the company has achieved in the miniature models business shows how, in this age of globalization, one can spread his wings far and wide even without a high-budget blitz.

And to satisfy the growing global demand for his models, Bader has to expand. And plans are in the pipeline for a mega factory in Bahrain, new outlets in major international cities and a new, dedicated innovation and animation division.

“We have been reviewing various approaches to enhance our business model and I believe we have found the right blend. Over five years, we have maintained steady growth of 30 per cent per year.

So the current plan is to use the retained capital and cash flows from operations to fund our organic growth and strategic plans,” says Sami Abdulla Nass, chairman, Bader Models.

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