US$ 525.00
Exquisitely hand-made out of 100% genuine calfskin leather and solid brass hardware.

Exquisitely hand-made out of 100% genuine calfskin leather and solid brass hardware.


Made Carefully by Top Selected Calfskin Leather, High Quality and Durable.

Expertly Crafted

Antiqued Hardware

Made From Rugged, Stylish Genuine Calfskin Leather

Classic Rustic Design

Perfect and Ideal Gift for Your Loved Ones. Will be Cherished for a Long Time.



What Makes Bader Par Avion Bag So Special?


Every bag is unique – and original.  We do not dye our leathers in industrial size vats.  Each hide is inspected and then a decision is made by our craftsmen what color best suits a particular hide. Hides are cleaned and dyed; then hand rubbed with natural oils and natural waxes. Even so, every hide has different characteristics that affect the dye process. No “chrome” tanning here. No two bags will ever be the same.  Every bag is exquisitely handmade. We do not use machines or presses to knock out bags by the thousands.  Every model has its own pattern.  After the pattern is placed on the hide, the bag pieces are cut and assembled, one at a time. Each stitch is made by hand with a thread and needle.  Each bag takes three to four days to assemble. 




1.     Because each piece is individually crafted, the color may vary slightly.


2.     There may be a bit leather smell when you get this bag, since it's new & unused.


3.     You could open the package and put it in a cool place for a few hours, then the smell will fade away.


4.     We recommend protecting your product from prolonged exposure to strong sunlight and avoiding contact with water, oil and grease. If it should get wet, gently dab with a soft neutral cloth to absorb the moisture. To clean your product, wipe it using a clean soft cloth. Store the product in its protective bag in a cool, dry place. The leather can be treated with a neutral, natural leather care product using a soft cloth.

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