Cigar Ashtray

Choose a truly signature gift in smoking accessories with our elegant aviator theme crystal table ashtray. Available in any aircraft type and color of your choice including your own private jet, making them excellent and unique gifts.

Personalize your ashtray by adding recipient's name, initials and/or title on nameplate. Your sense of originality in a smoking gift accessory will create a lasting impression.

(Below are only few examples of our work. You can order any aircraft/color of your choice.)
Cigar Ashtray (Black Marble Base) with gift box and cutter included.
Code# BM59
Price: US$345.00 + shipping US$65.00

Ashtray (Brown Mahogany Base) with gift box and cutter included.
Code# BM60
Price: US$345.00 + shipping US$65.00

Cigar Ashtray (Natural Base) with gift box and cutter included.
Code# BM61
Price: US$345.00 + shipping US$65.00


Select the color of velvet gift box.
Red     Maroon     Dark Blue     Light Blue     Dark Green     Light Green     Black     Brown     




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